Where are the next White Stripes?

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Day-twah since childhood.

I was born in the D. I come from a long line of Detroiters. Long. Like my ancestors rode the waves from France alongside Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac. My family’s roots aren’t as mighty and deep as Cadillac’s. We’re linked to some surgeon named Chapoton. I think there’s an apartment complex somewhere named after him.

Anyhow. I latched onto to that tidbit for years as my family spent it’s time and money in the city. Then, during “White Flight,” my family moved to the suburbs. But not some far-off subdivision in a strip mall ‘burb. We stuck to an inner-ring with French-named streets, real sidewalks and little downtown shopping districts with mom and pop shops. We still visited the city. Even if it was to watch fire fighters snuff drug house fires on Devil’s Night.

But having a D pedigree didn’t buy much clout in the ‘burbs. In fact it was a liability. Eventually I dropped the connection altogether.

Then came the White Stripes. Detroit made the Stripes who they are. I quickly fell in love with their raw, powerful sound. I felt I understood what they were doing, from where they were drawing their energy. I liked that they were drawing attention to Detroit.

Rather than focus on all the negative about our city, I proclaimed it an incubator for many great artists and musicians. I started to once again embrace the things that made this city special, attending more art shows, local musical acts and regional festivals. I joined an alternative exercise group that showcased all forms of local talents and promoted fun things to do in the city. For a beautiful, brief moment, this seemed like the place to be.

Then …. Jack started saying bad things about the D. Then he left.

While I don’t know the reasons behind his move, I can guess money and fame changes everything. I can understand the need to “upgrade.”

I can’t understand why the Stripes snubbed Detroit on their latest tour, which ultimately was canceled. It seemed like the last nail in the coffin.

But, darn it, I just don’t like Detroit anymore. Will the next White Stripes please stand up?

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