It's really all about the shoes

You know your life has changed significantly when you find yourself sitting in your socks on a wood floor at 11 a.m. while your kids tear around the gym at the local community center and the talk turns to SAHMs vs. working mothers.

You realize you’ve taken on the self-righteous attitude of the “us” sisterhood as you scoff at those who pay others to raise their children. We are sacrificing, we say. We are doing what’s right and what’s best, we assert. Then, one of “them” on a break from work walks in, kicks off her pretty, pretty suede pumps with silver buckles and pads on stocking feet over to her little one with SAHDaddy.

We secretly drool at the womanly footwear slumming with our scuffed loafers and stained mom shoes piled in a heap by the door. We secretly admire her fresh haircut and stylish suit and maybe just a little bit, her freedom to leave the building.I remember when I was one of them, in my hot heels and sleek suits, walking past “the moms” in their sensible walking shoes and high-tech strollers. I wanted their freedom, their casual wardrobe, their comfortable shoes.
It’s all about the shoes.

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