Pass the Xanax


Last week at this time we were slowly working our way home through a massive winter storm that featured high winds, snow, sleet and ice. I didn’t doubt my husband’s ability to manage the treacherous roads. I worried about the reckless drivers going too fast, the multitude of semi-trucks all around (some in ditches) and my baby girl’s safety.

She was asleep and therefore oblivious of the dangerous conditions and our worries. But I vowed to kiss the floor of home sweet home if we got home in one peace. Fourteen hours later we were delivered to safety.

One week later we’re sitting in the emergency room of the local hospital, waiting for a doctor to staple baby girl’s head back together.

Will someone please tell Girl from the East that even acrobats train with nets? That gymnasts use mats to break their falls?

Will someone please pass me a Xanax?

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