What's good about January


Notice the lack of punctuation? What is good about January is not a question. (Winter haters out there, I hear you.) It’s a statement. Supported by pictures.

When January warms up a bit it’s the most gorgeous time to stroll the local zoological park, which is what I did with Girl from the East. First stop, the polar bear exhibit. I feel bad for these arctic animals when I see them┬ápanting in the July heat. But this is closer to their element.

On this clear, crisp afternoon, we had the park to ourselves. Just a handful of us diehards, bundled up against the almost 60-degree weather we had a few weeks back.┬áNo lines or crowds to dodge. The indoor exhibits were so quiet we could hear the hay crunching in the giraffe’s mouth as it ate.

And the reward? A visit on the way out to the indoor garden, butterfly house and aviary. I won’t set foot in this place in the summer.

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