Crabby McCrab Crab

Ugh. If my life were a meal right now, it would be a big bowl of soured milk.

Our whole routine is off, way off. Many things happened in the last month that messed up my well-oiled machine. Among other things, the Chinese classes have been put on hiatus, and the cost of going to the community center doubled, making the choice to stay in the right one for now.

Furthermore, Little Miss has issues with wearing hat, gloves, boots and coat and it’s been nothing but dangerously cold outside. Lately, I’ve opted to stay in rather than fight that battle two three times in one afternoon. On most days out of the house, I’m pelted with a boot or a shoe at least once while driving. If I turn around, I’m greeting with Little Miss’s Chesire grin, socks pulled off feet and slipped on hands that won’t accept gloves, and bare toes wiggling.

While it’s hilarious to read about, it’s really very unfunny the third time you re-dress your toddler inside a marginally warm vehicle in a windswept parking lot. All these distractions amounted to a very expensive moving violation ticket issued to me recently. It’s based on something so asinine I can only gather it was drafted as an easy way for the city to make quick revenue. And I’m too embarrased to fight it.

So inside we sit, gazing out at the sparkling snow, the birds flitting from bush to feeder and back, the few brave souls out walking. Girl from the East has been cranky and difficult all week, due to, I’m sure, a lack of exposure to her peers and sufficient intellectual stimulation.

What does that do to me? Right now it’s a personal mental challenge to stay focused, stay positive and stay busy. I’ve been up to my elbows in long-postponed home repairs: recaulking the bathroom shower stall and tub, repainting water-damaged areas of the walls, paperwork, and more projects too boring to recount.

Seriously, if caulk is at the top of the list . . .

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