Weather outside is frightful


First big snow of the season and …

The usual do-gooders are out snow blowing their driveways as well as their neighbors.The hardcores are jogging in the street. I even saw a guy on a bike. Impressive.

The usual ne’r do wells are ducking under their hoods to avoid eye contact with the little old ladies’ Caddy stuck in the snowbank.

I watched it all from the window. Had I been outside, I would have offered assistance. Alas, I was soaked from an hour of shoveling, my hat, gloves and coat drip drying in the basement. Otherwise, well, you know …

Instead I stood in my living room watching the Caddy driver’s rear wheels spinning in the quickly forming ice slick from at least 15 minutes of fruitless effort.

I said: Someone needs to do something. Gee, how about that guy sitting in his SUV –RIGHT NEXT TO THE STUCK CAR. It would be nearly impossible to miss this spectacle, unless the guy was blind and deaf, in which case he wouldn’t have a driver’s license. I mean, if this guy really didn’t want to help, why didn’t he just drive away, feigning some urgent errand?I could stand it no more: I urged the husband half of this union to go help the driver who was determined to spin tires to bare pavement and run the gas tank dry.

Interesting how Mr. Blind and Deaf suddenly “noticed” the stuck car as soon as my husband headed to the curb, shovel in hand. He even pushed the shovel a few times to make it look like he was “helping.”Yeah. Right.
Nothing like a good snow day to bring out the best — and worst — in us.

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