Two candles

So, Girl from the East had her very first birthday party with pals. Seven toddlers, seven adults and two teenagers squeezed into our little bungalow last weekend to eat, drink and play with Little People, ride rocking horses, and pound on keyboards. I won’t say who was doing what, just let it be known that we had a great time.

Last year we had a small gathering for Girl from the East’s first birthday, but that was more of a meet and greet since we’d only been home from China for a few weeks. Baby girl didn’t know what to make of the noise and attention and the finale — fire on a cake.
This year the concept of a birthday is still unclear to her, but fun and food are always a good thing.

We even got her to say that she’s two. She doesn’t say “tooooo” the way we say the number that comes after one; she says it more like “tu,” which is like the second person familiar in Spanish, or something like that. (Too many years ago.)

Since I’m not going to get into the mess of publishing pictures of other people and their children on the Internets or the gawdawful pictures taken of me. (Attention men: do not take pictures of your women over 30 from odd angles that highlight sagging chins, double chins, or use wide-angle lenses that triple the width of thighs.) These are about all I can show. The sushi is made of candy. Beer was not served to the children, just in case anyone is wondering. 

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