Happy Elph

Pictures have been obviousy absent from this blog due to lack of camera.

Did I mention I became camera-less on our August vacation?

As to what happened to the camera and the picture files contained on the disk in the case, well, only the Internet knows for sure. Good thing we’re not into “those” kinds of pictures.

Maybe it was stolen from our unattended baby stroller we had to leave in the lobby of the new indoor theater at Girl from the West’s music camp. It was a crazy day at the camp, as cars, campers and caravans of families clogged the narrow dirt roads. Oh, did I mention it was drizzling, too?

Maybe it toppled out of the stroller and into the dense underbrush as we navigated a city stroller over dirt roads and wooded paths. Who knows.

After weeks of bitchin’ and moanin’ over the loss, I’m over it.

Why? I got a new camera for my birthday. You should have seen me doing the happy dance with my Canon Power Shot Digital Elph. So long, outdated early model digital camera. No elph was that behemoth.

I do miss the vacation pictures, which are sadly lost forever. This one posted was from the few shots the Mr. half of this relationship took while we stayed at a very swanky hotel.
I love this shot because for one moment in time we had twin girls. During the adoption process, we agreed to accept twins should they be presented to us. This didn’t happen, obviously, but I sometimes wonder what it would be like.

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