Return from vacationland

It worked! We went away for four days with both daughters and it was fun. No major injuries, head traumas or mental breakdowns to report. Just a few mosquito bites.


I’ll admit I had my reservations about packing (and I mean to the limit) our Jeep with baby gear and camping gear and heading out of town for four days without any advance planning. No arrangements to have someone come to the house to feed the cats, pick up after them, no one to water our plants, gardens and lawn, no one to take in the mail, collect the newspapers from the porch. I’m not sure we even TOLD anyone we were going.


On top of that, this was our first venture away from home with Girl from the East. How would she fare in a primitive cabin without electricity, running water, plumbing?


In the end, we decided that modern utilities were not a consideration when deciding if a BABY would be comfortable. She doesn’t nuke her milk in the microwave or the use toilet. What we’re really worried about is our own mental stability.


 However, Girl from the West does use above mentioned appliances and facilities and prefers not to have her locks gunked with sweat, bug spray and scented with wood smoke. As she emphatically states: I am not a nature girl. Even she managed to have some fun, mostly in the form of getting her first driving lessons on the endless maze of traffic-free back roads. I discovered a whole new level of anxiety on the horizon.


Girl from the East didn’t seem to be fazed that we were not home. I mean she must have had some clue; if so she didn’t express it until our final night when she awoke, almost by coincidence,  when both flashlight and lantern batteries ran out of juice. She wailed and cried and carried on for quite a long time while we groped around in the thick  blackness that is nighttime in the woods. Once we located matches and lighted our cabin, we assured her that all was well. In the end, all she wanted were some grapes. At 4:30 a.m.


I also discovered that a handful of pinecones and a few wildflowers plucked from the roadside bought a lot of entertainment time. More than any battery-operated gizmo.


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