Foot-mouth disease

From now on, whenever I’m out with my baby girl (born in China, daughter to me now and forever after) and I encounter some rude, insensitive or just plain ignorant person, I’ll unload comments here.
For example, there is the woman I’ve known casually for years who works at a local business. Last week I’m in her line for the first time since the adoption. She looks at my baby girl and asks: What prompted this?
Seeing as I couldn’t find an answer either profound or cutting enough, I chose to keep quiet and let the words slowly sink to the floor with a thud.
Next, she proceeds to tell me that she, too, has “adopted a little one.”
Oh! I say, how exciting. Please tell me more.
Turns out she went to the shelter to get a dog. She just loves her new “baby.”
Totally the same thing, of course.

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